Landscaping Services

Condo landscape development and maintenance

Want a beautiful green, lush, lawn like this? We can help! The key to having a nice lawn is very simple. 1. Adequate top soil. 4 to 6 inches of good screened top soil isn’t to much to ask out of your contractor is it? We don’t think so! 2. A good irrigation system with automatic timers. Don’t rely on someone to look after your watering while your on holidays. Let us set up a system like the one in the pictures that keeps everything properly irrigated. 3. Proper fertilization. Let us help you set up a fertilization schedule to keep your lawn looking beautiful into early October. 4. Regular mowing. Cut the lawn and bag it twice a week with lawnmower setting set to a medium height. Also make sure to get your lawnmower blade sharpened once at the start of every year.